New Semester, New Opportunities

It’s a new semester for the IRC, and it comes on the heels of a fantastic fall. Last semester, we hosted WMHSMUN XXIX, traveled to four conferences, shared our Tribe Pride at numerous tailgates, and came this close to winning IM soccer!

WMHSMUN XXIX brought the club together for the first big conference of the year, and the conference wrapped up with a flourish in the Virginia Room of the Williamsburg Lodge. Secretary-General Brendan McNamara ’16 passed the torch to Alyssa Harrison ’17, and we’re looking forward to a memorable WMHSMUN XXX next fall.

IRCares raised over $2,000 for the Building Goodness Foundation so far, and the club looks forward to the classic Developing World Gallery auction in the spring. Our alumni relations committee, IRContinues, hosted a successful homecoming and winter event to connect alums and current students.

The 2016 McMUN team
The 2016 McMUN team

This upcoming semester promises even more events and opportunities. We will start the spring with WMIDMUN XIV (and over 800 middle schoolers!) in February, and wrap it up with &MUN IV in April. Our MUN team will travel to Montreal, West Point, Chicago, and Charlottesville, and nine students will represent W&M at WorldMUN in Rome.

Interested in learning more about the IRC and how you can get involved in the spring? Come by our meetings on Tuesdays at 7:30pm in Small 110!

All the best,

Kailyn Hornbeck, IRC President 2015-2016

Welcome Back, IRC!

On behalf of the 2015-2016 Executive Board, I am incredibly excited to welcome you back to campus for what promises to be a fantastic year for the IRC! Newcomers, we can’t wait to get to know you!

With each new year comes new events, new experiences, and new friends. This year, we’re also debuting new websites for WMHSMUN, WMIDMUN, &MUN, and the general IRC website. Take a moment to explore the new features and see what the IRC has to offer.

This year, IRCares—the service branch of the IRC—is supporting the Building Goodness Foundation. Check out their Facebook page to become involved in the important work that IRCares is doing.

Stayed tuned for important updates and announcements, and have a great start to the semester!

All the best,

Kailyn Hornbeck, IRC President 2015-2016

IRC Heads to Korea

This week nine members of the IRC will head to WorldMUN 2015 in Seoul, South Korea hosted by Harvard. The team, led by Vice President of Model United Nations Lucas Leblanc, has been training for several weeks and consists of a few WorldMUN veterans as well as several new members. The entire club wishes the team luck as they compete with delegates across the world and spread some Tribe Pride on the other side of the globe.

This year’s team is: Lucas Leblanc, Alison Roberts, Lydia House, Torey Jackson, Zach Smith, Carolyn De Roster, Liam Arne, Somya Shankar and Remington Pool.

WMIDMUN XIV Secretary-General Appointed

On March 1, 2015, Emma Lowther was nominated to assume the role as Secretary-General for WMIDMUN XIV, the William & Mary International Relations Club’s middle school conference. The nominating committee consisted of the past three WMIDMUN Secretaries-General. Her nomination was unanimously approved by the sitting Executive Board.


Emma Lowther has a successful history with the William & Mary Middle School Model United Nations Conference (WMIDMUN), having served as the Chief of Staff for WMIDMUN XIII. Emma is described by the entire staff of WMIDMUN XIII as being approachable and exuding enthusiasm for the education of middle school delegates.

The entire W&M IRC Executive Board welcomes Secretary-General Lowther to her position at the head of WMIDMUN and on the governing board of the W&M International Relations Club.

Scholarship Fund Created

On Wednesday, February 25th the W&M IRC voting membership approved the creation of a Scholarship Fund with a favorable vote of 84% of dues-paying members and a unanimous approval of the Executive Board.

Created by sitting Finance Director Serena Saffarini and Assistant Finance Directors Torey Jackson and Graham Young, the Scholarship Fund will consist of up to three scholarships per year that can be awarded to IRC members pursuing a non-paying or low-paying summer internship opportunity related to the field of international relations. The award is contingent upon a record of supporting the club in all of its endeavors, including staffing the conferences hosted on campus.

Saffarini hopes that in the future alumni might consider donating to the fund to create even more opportunities for club members to pursue summer opportunities that they may not otherwise be able to afford.

New Record for Service

IRCares, the W&M IRC’s service branch, set a new record at WMIDMUN, the William & Mary Middle School Model United Nations Conference, this February by raising an incredible $3,253.03 for this year’s chosen charity, Kiva – an international non-profit microloan organization.

By pairing each committee to a loan related to the committee’s topics, the Service team was able to provide a meaningful connection between the money passing hands in the committee room in exchange for brownies, and the people in the developing world needing a loan to improve their lives, but living without access to traditional financial institutions.

Led by Meghan Foley, Service Chair, IRCares continues to set records and create innovative ways to raise money and awareness for Kiva, both on-campus and off. The Service team recently hosted the IRC’s first ever Hunger Banquet and later this spring plans to host the second annual Friend Auction, a huge success last year in the club’s fundraising efforts for COPE, a non-profit provider of prosthetics and rehabilitation services operated in Laos; all of this after yet another successful installment of the Developing World Gallery this past Fall semester, where dozens of student-produced photos of the developing world were auctioned off to W&M students and alumni.

*All proceeds from IRCares events goes directly to financing Kiva loans this year. Any cost associated with an event is paid for by the W&M International Relations Club.

WMIDMUN XIII: A Success Story

Between February 20th and February 22nd the William & Mary International Relations Club hosted its thirteenth session of WMIDMUN, the William & Mary Middle School Model United Nations Conference.

Led by Carl Cilke, Secretary-General, the conference hosted over six-hundred middle school students on the College’s historic old campus and sported a robust staff of nearly 130 IRC members, one of the largest staffs on record for WMIDMUN. From large General Assemblies like the Human Rights Council and the Pacific Island Forum to smaller Specialized Agenices such as the American Federation of Labor and the Obama-McCain 2008 Campain Join Crisis Committees, both the students and staff engaged in substantive debate and exciting crises which have become the cornerstone of the W&M IRC’s three conferences each year.

Along with the conference’s innovative committees were the Friday night Global Village, a new take on what is typically the alternative for Saturday’s main event – the Delegate Dance. In place of the Global Village on Saturday was a new addition to WMIDMUN: trivia! Led by W&M IRC’s Trivia Masters Ariel Cadby-Spicer and Emily Jackson the delegates were able to share some knowledge in between sharing their dance moves upstairs on the dance floor.

With the bang of the gavel closing the 13th session of WMIDMUN the entire staff and Secretariat were able breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they put on a fantastic conference deserving of the William & Mary name. Congratulations to every staff member, as well as the Secretariat: Carl Cilke, Alyssa Harrison, Remington Pool, Taylor Renard, Lydia House, John Chalovich, Emma Lowther, Zach Smith and Karthik Kumarappan. In the words of one sponsor, “Thanks to all for your preparation, and also for your positive approach to the kids. It’s clear that you are all enjoying this, and that you want the students to enjoy it, too. It’s also such good proof that you can be absolutely serious and on-task and really engage the kids–they want to rise to your level.”

WMHSMUN XXIX Secretariat Selected

The Secretariat has been chosen for the 14th session of the William & Mary Model United Nations Conference, led by Secretary-General Brendan McNamara. They are:

Alyssa Harrison, Director General*
Lydia House, Registration Director*
Jason Nykorczuk, USG-GA
Jack Nicol, USG-SA
Sam Houmaoui, Media Director**
Kelly Dodd, Chief of Staff
Caroline Nutter, Director of Conference Development
Greg Wicks, Director of Technology**

For many, this is their first time serving on a Secretariat. We wish all of them the best of luck and know that WMHSMUN XXIX will be a great success!

*Served on a Secretariat for a different conference
**Served on the WMHSMUN XXVIII Secretariat 

WMHSMUN XXIX Secretary-General Appointed

On December 1, 2014, Brendan McNamara was nominated to assume the role as Secretary-General for WMHSMUN XXIX, the William and Mary International Relations Club’s flagship conference. The nominating committee consisted of the past three WMHSMUN Secretaries-General. His nomination was unanimously approved by the sitting Executive Board.

Brendan McNamara has a long history with the William & Mary High School Model United Nations Conference (WMHSMUN), having served on the past three Secretariats. His first official role with WMHSMUN began in the fall of 2012 when he was named the Assistant Director of Conference Development for the twenty-sixth iteration of the conference headed by former Secretary-General Katie Mitchell. He then served as the Director of Conference Development for WMHSMUN XXVII under the direction of former Secretary-General and current Director of Finance Serena Saffarini. Over the past year Brendan filled the role of Director General of WMHSMUN XXVIII under now-retired Secretary-General Clayton Southerly.

The entire W&M IRC Executive Board welcomes Secretary-General McNamara to his position at the head of WMHSMUN and on the governing body of the W&M International Relations Club.

2014-2015 Executive Board Confirmed

Congratulations to the new IRC Executive Board!

President: Matthew Rigsby
Vice President for Campus Affairs: Brigid Skorup
Vice President for Model United Nations: Lucas Leblanc
Director of Finance: Serena Saffarini
Director of Communications: Gregory Collier
Secretary-General of WMHSMUN XXVIII: Clayton Southerly
Secretary-General of WMIDMUN XIII: Carl Cilke
Secretary-General of &MUN III: Alexcia Chambers
Service Chair: Meghan Foley