Alumni Galore

For those of y’all living under rocks, abroad, or simply the Midwest, HOMECOMING was this weekend!

IRCers Showing Some TRIBE PRIDE

That means one thing: ALUMNI. And who has better alumni than the IRC? No one, that’s who.

As such, there were a few alumni events this past weekend, which were huge successes. This year, the IRC is trying to really expand its alumni contact, and we’ve even got two awesome Alumni Chairs to head the initiative. Wyatt Meldman-Floch and Maryam Hassan have been working tirelessly to make an actual alumni association, and the wheels are in motion. There’s another event planned for next weekend, the weekend of NCSC, a Model UN conference hosted by Georgetown that the IRC is sending 40 delegates to.

If you’re interested in getting more information, just e-mail the Alumni chairs and sign up for our LinkedIn group (follow the links)! YAY IRC!

Life in the IRC

IRCtastic! Pretty much summarizes the life of the International Relations Club these past few weeks.

Besides a heartwrenching loss in the FINALS of an IM Championship Softball game, life on this side of the diplomatic woods has been fantastic. In the world of Model UN, we sent a delegation of 20 to CMUNNY, a conference hosted by Columbia in New York, with 12 of them winning awards (INSANE). The IRC even held its first alumni event with quite a bit of success.

Service has been going strong, maintaining its strong mission of helping out Doctors Without Borders. Preparation for WMHSMUN is hitting the home stretch, as it’s ONLY SIXTEEN DAYS AWAY!


WMIDMUN is starting to get into the swing of things, as final dates have been set – February 25 – February 27.

Most recently, and arguably most excitingly, the IRC Alumni Association is starting to take shape. Our club has had a long, strong history, and it’s about time things get documented. We hosted an Alumni tailgate on the morning of our Homecoming game (which we won against the #2 team in the nation!), with a solid turnout.

The following morning was our annual alumni reception – alumni from as far back as the beginning of the decade were present, sharing their experiences and life stories with current club members. All in all, it was definitely a success, and quite a bit was learned – apparently WMIDMUN was supposed to be a “temporary” kind o’ thing.

Guess they should’ve told Matt Schofield, WMIDMUN IX Secretary-General, that, before they went ahead and opened registration less than a week ago, already securing almost 300 delegates. Talk about progress!

Busy Days in the IRC

Hey hey hey! What up potentially prospective, newly ‘nitiated, or especially experienced IRCers! We’ve had a busy couple of weeks, for those of y’all who haven’t kept up. Our IM teams have kept up their tradition of showing the William and Mary world who’s boss, finishing off both their indoor soccer and softball regular seasons this past week. Unnamed sources have even gone so far as predicting that this is the year the IRC will win shirts… IN BOTH SPORTS! So get psyched.

Service has been busy, putting on a kickin’ trivia night, co-sponsored by Branch Out and AMP. To further their tie to the Williamsburg community, they even helped out with “Housing Partnerships” last weekend, helping out the main office with some much needed work.

As if we weren't cool enough, we shred like no other club on campus.

WMHSMUN has been going full throttle, getting ready for the awesomeness that will occur in November, and WMIDMUN’s starting to shape up, as registration starts in just over two weeks!

We’ve got some fantastic things planned for the month of October, including our very first IRC Fall Fellow. There’s also going to be some highly-anticipated alumni goings-on during Homecoming weekend, so stay tuned!

Finally, we’ll be sending a very qualified team to our first MUN conference of the year, taking place at Columbia University in New York. NCSC, the conference at Georgetown, is right around the corner, and positions for that are now up on Sebeso! Kewl.


Yes, dear IRCers, the rumors are true.

All positions for CMUNNY and NCSC are up. Simply click on this link:

Make a username, and you’re golden! If you have any questions, e-mail

All applications are due by this FRIDAY at midnight, so get crackin’!

CMUNNY is set for October 7-10, the weekend of fall break, and

NCSC is set for October 28-31, Halloween weekend. They both promise to be incredibly fun, so fill out those applications!

Also, keep in mind – CMUNNY does not have many spots, so people who are interested in going to CMUNNY but also willing to go to NCSC should apply for both and then explain their preferences in the room provided.


Hey all!

MUNtor/MUNtee lists have just gone out over the listserv! Having a MUNtor is a great way to make a new friend (ideally one with a car or a gift card to Five Guys), get to know more people in the club, and even convince to come out and play for our intramural sports teams.

Not on the list? No worries – just e-mail, and all will be just fine and dandy!

Get together with your MUNtor/MUNtee by our next meeting, this coming Tuesday, September 21 at 7:30 PM. The two (or three) of you could even show up to club dinner together! 6:30 in Lodge 1 right before the general meeting – it’s a hard one to refuse.

Make the most of this opportunity – these MUNtors are some of the coolest people on campus, and moreover, they’re there to help. So get on Facebook, stalk the heck out of them, and then when you realize they “like” Wall-e too, it can be “the start of something new.”

If they’re making High School Musical references, you may want to shy away…

IM Sports

The IRC IM sports program is the pride and joy of the William and Mary International Relations Club. Or at least, it’s this Director of Communications’ pride and joy.

Comebacks galore, close finishes, kickin’ ass… oh, and there’s that whole “having fun” thing, too. This fall season, the IRC WMDs are participating in both a softball and indoor soccer league. They also were one of the top half finishers in a day-long kickball tournament hosted by Rec Sports.

Now, the IRC WMDs have had this reputation of being awesome. Which is completely legit.

However, they’ve also somehow gotten this reputation of not really showing up – this latest trend has been nipped in the bud by the amazingness that is the Class of 2014. Freshmen are showing up by the bundle, and the records are proving it.

For the first time in recent memory (not really, but let’s pretend it is, so that it sounds more impressive), we have a winning record in soccer (an undefeated 3-0!), a barely-losing record in softball (a 1-2 start, only partially due to a forfeit), and a solid 1-1 effort put forth in kickball.

So c’mon out! We always have fun. Our next games are:

Sunday, September 26, 10:00 PM, Busch Fields for softball;

Monday, September 27, 7:45 PM, MAC in the Rec Center for soccer.

Startle us with your IRC pride!

Next Meeting Tuesday, September 21

Come on down to Small 111 on Tuesday at 7:30 PM to hang out with the IRC! Fun, food, and a 4.0 GPA guaranteed. Minus the food and the 4.0 GPA. We’ll be talking about our brand new MUNtor/MUNtee awesomeness, the success of WMOCMUN (this Sunday, September 19 at 10:30 AM), and so much more. You don’t want to miss it.

And even if you do, you should still come because you don’t want to make us sad. We had some kickin’ attendance at the last one, so join the masses! We all know that all the cool kids are doing it.

And if you’re still not convinced, we saved the best piece of news for last – Club Dinner at 6:30 right before in Lodge! Come meet the hungriest of our club members as we talk about international relations, sports, and what we did last weekend. It really is quite the experience.


Hey hey hey, what up past, present, future, and non William and Mary IR club members! Welcome to the new website. Much like the rest of this campus, we’re under construction, but enjoy what we’ve got up. Remember to check out our recent dates to see what’s up and coming! If you have any suggestions, feel free to e-mail – we’re all ears!

Get excited for the new year – we’re hoping to make this the best year in the IRC’s history, so come join in on the fun. You won’t regret it.