WorldMUN Team Selected

Congratulations to everyone on the W&M WorldMUN team! The board deliberated carefully in selecting the perfect mix of delegates. Thanks to all who applied; the decisions were tough, but there’s not a single person who couldn’t make the team next year. WorldMUN will be held in Vancouver from the 11th to 15th of March.


McMUN Review

Congratulations to the McMUN team! Fifty-four delegates from W&M attended Canada’s premier conference and eleven were award winners. As a whole, the delegation walked away with the most Book Awards – McGill’s recognition for the most diplomatic delegates. This reflects well on our spirit of MUN: we aim to lead debate, develop policy, respect others, make friends, and have a good time. And that is certainly what we did in Montreal!

We also won the award for most attractive delegation!



First meeting of 2012!

The first meeting of the year will be on Tuesday at 7:30 in Small 111 with Club Dinner beforehand at 6:30 in Lodge 1. Join the event on Facebook too!

Goodluck with McMUN Preparation! John will be holing office hours at the Swem computers from 2-5pm on Monday if you still need a letter in order to comply with a professor’s absence policy.

McMUN Updates

Thursday from 5:00-6:30pm will be meetings for the World Economic Forum and Munich Security Conference Committees for McMUN. Location to be decided (hooray for a walkable campus!).

John will be at the Swem Computers from 2-4 on Thursday and Friday for anyone needing notes of absence.

Any financial aid applications must be turned in to by Sunday night and all conference fees are due at the general meeting on Tuesday. There will be a team meeting immediately afterward to go over the details of the conference. Position papers must also be turned in to the McMUN website by that night!

McMUN Positions

McMUN positions have been chosen! Look to find your position using your username and password via SEBESO. Find out more about McMUN on their website. Make sure to complete your position paper with the guidelines outlined here . Also, make sure to bring your passport! This will be the largest delegation that we take to a conference – the charter bus north will be filled with 54 of our best and brightest!

Happy New Year!



property of john kirn

  • WMHSMUN Secretariat chosen! WMHSMUN is well under way, and registration opens up next week!
  • WMIDMUN Secretary General chosen! Kristopher Kusnerik (pictured) is a motivated ginger who rocks (pun, ‘cuz he’s a geo major) life and pretty much epitomizes awesome. No doubt WMIDMUN X will be the best ever.
  • In the words of Thomas Hobbes, “The only way to erect such a common power, as may be able to defend [men] from the invasion of foreigners, and the inquiries of one another… is to confer all their power and strength upon one man, or upon one assembly of men.” The Executive Board has been chosen. It is new and unstoppable, awesome in its power.
  • What does the William and Mary IR Club have in common with barnacles? Many things…but most important of which is that we love water! You have spoken and the great Service Director has answered true to your choices! Our Service Committee will be supporting the NGO, Charity: Water!
  • This website is your link to the world of WMIRC
  • We wish everyone a great first semester!
  • WMHSMUN XXV Secretary General

    Big news and big times ahead, my fellow IRCers!

    There is officially a new Secretary General for WMHSMUN’s silver jubilee, and his name is William Shimer! So congratulations! We know you’re going to do an amazing job.

    From his WMHSMUN bio:

    William, a Sophomore, is planning on majoring in Government with a possible minor in Economics or Finance. After graduation, he wants to work for the State Department or a D.C. think-tank and eventually join a consulting firm. Outside of the International Relations Club, William is an intern at the Project on International Peace and Security (PIPS), an undergraduate think-tank, and he plays on the club Ultimate Frisbee team. He spent the summer watching the World Cup and studying abroad in Rome which was a life-changing experience. He fills his spare time by waterskiing, relaxing with friends, and spending a small fortune at Wawa.