First meeting of 2012!

The first meeting of the year will be on Tuesday at 7:30 in Small 111 with Club Dinner beforehand at 6:30 in Lodge 1. Join the event on Facebook too!

Goodluck with McMUN Preparation! John will be holing office hours at the Swem computers from 2-5pm on Monday if you still need a letter in order to comply with a professor’s absence policy.

McMUN Updates

Thursday from 5:00-6:30pm will be meetings for the World Economic Forum and Munich Security Conference Committees for McMUN. Location to be decided (hooray for a walkable campus!).

John will be at the Swem Computers from 2-4 on Thursday and Friday for anyone needing notes of absence.

Any financial aid applications must be turned in to by Sunday night and all conference fees are due at the general meeting on Tuesday. There will be a team meeting immediately afterward to go over the details of the conference. Position papers must also be turned in to the McMUN website by that night!

McMUN Positions

McMUN positions have been chosen! Look to find your position using your username and password via SEBESO. Find out more about McMUN on their website. Make sure to complete your position paper with the guidelines outlined here . Also, make sure to bring your passport! This will be the largest delegation that we take to a conference – the charter bus north will be filled with 54 of our best and brightest!

Happy New Year!