Hey all!

MUNtor/MUNtee lists have just gone out over the listserv! Having a MUNtor is a great way to make a new friend (ideally one with a car or a gift card to Five Guys), get to know more people in the club, and even convince to come out and play for our intramural sports teams.

Not on the list? No worries – just e-mail, and all will be just fine and dandy!

Get together with your MUNtor/MUNtee by our next meeting, this coming Tuesday, September 21 at 7:30 PM. The two (or three) of you could even show up to club dinner together! 6:30 in Lodge 1 right before the general meeting – it’s a hard one to refuse.

Make the most of this opportunity – these MUNtors are some of the coolest people on campus, and moreover, they’re there to help. So get on Facebook, stalk the heck out of them, and then when you realize they “like” Wall-e too, it can be “the start of something new.”

If they’re making High School Musical references, you may want to shy away…