Founded in 2002 by the International Relations Club, the William and Mary Middle School Model United Nations Conference seeks to spread a general knowledge and appreciation of modern global politics and international relations to middle school students through simulation committee sessions, challenging forums of debate, and guidance by a knowledgeable staff. Building on the College’s strong intellectual tradition, WMIDMUN is designed to provide young students with the opportunity to explore and develop their own thoughts regarding international relations. To this end, WMIDMUN strives to stimulate student understanding of global interactions and the eternal necessity for diplomacy as a tool to achieve peace.

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The secretariat and staff of WMIDMUN does its best to introduce middle school students to the world of diplomacy in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Students are encouraged to develop communication skill in both large and small groups, research techniques, and leadership skills. Here, negotiation is key; it is the primary tool in conflict resolution, requiring delegates to overcome differences to facilitate a comprehensive and effective solution. It is our hope that by offering a professional, realistic, and fun environment, this conference will succeed in emphasizing the importance of diplomacy, cooperation, and compromise in the future leaders of tomorrow.

The Secretary-General for WMIDMUN XIII, to be hosted in February 2015, is Carl Cilke