The International Relations Club is a lot like the NFL season. It’s awesome.

It also has a lot to offer. We host grind nights where the entire club gets great deals at one of the local coffee shops on campus, the Daily Grind. We have tab nights where we pay for food at local restaurants to promote club bonding. We also have an annual beginning of the year BBQ and end of the year banquet.

On top of which, we also are home to the best intramural teams on campus. So lace up your cleats, put on your helmets, and come out and play for the IRC WMDs!

A brief outline of events is provided below.

Admiral Prueher - Photocredit Lauren Su/The Flat Hat
IRC Fellows

Each Semester a seasoned international relations expert is chosen by the IRC to give  an address to the College. The series was kicked off by W. Taylor Reveley, President of W&M, speaking on War powers of the President. The second speaker was Admiral Joseph Prueher, former US Ambassador to China, speaking on developing relations with China. The fellow for spring 2012 will be Chic Dambach, former President and CEO of the Peace Corps Association. The presentation is open to the public and free of charge. An open reception is usually held immediately afterward.

Intramural Sports
Czech out those championship t-shirts!

The IRC participates in indoor soccer, flag football, floor hockey, outdoor soccer, softball, Frisbee, volleyball, and virtually every other sport offered at the college. Whats better than #winning with a bunch of friends? So lace up your cleats, put on your helmets, and come out and play for the IRC WMDs!

To Better Know a Country

Each general meeting is opened with a member presenting on a country they have lived in or visited. Members studying abroad or friends at international schools (usually met through a MUN conference) have even been known to skype in from exotic locals.

Grind Nights

Once per semester the club descends on The Daily Grind, the campus coffee shop, for great discounts on amazing drinks and food! The only thing that’s better is the discussion afterward!

Tab Nights

Returning members are welcomed back to campus in August with a tab at one of the local restaurants. There’s no better way to reunite with friends than over some of the best food in town! A second tab night happens just after spring break. Jon Stewart told a club member that his favorite food in Williamsburg were the cheese fries from Paul’s Deli. What’s your favorite?

Grilling with Two Forks is How We Used to Do It Back in 1931...

Late summer in Virginia has perfect weather, which demands that meals be eaten outside. Beginning the year with a cookout and repeating it again for alumni during homecoming just doubles the fun! The spring has its own fun at the grill too!


The MUNtor-MUNtee program is the new member orientation. Each returning member is paired up with an incoming member  in order to introduce them to all of the facets of the IRC. MUNtors and MUNtees attend events together, such as Grind Nights and movie screenings.

End of the Year Banquet

The end of the school year is closed with a BANGquet. Seniors give wills to underclassmen, professors are invited for a screening of photos from the year, and all enjoy delicious Indian food.

Watching the Assassins final showdown

The existence of this event can be neither confirmed nor denied, but word on the street (Landrum Drive) has it that the winner of this game is crowned champion of the universe.

Capture the Flag

A tradition in the first decade of the millennium, the club was divided into two teams competing across the steam between Small Hall and Dupont Hall.

Anniversary Formal Ball

Begun in Fall 2011, the Anniversary Ball celebrates the Club’s founding on the fifth of November, 1931.

Service Events

The Service Committee puts on a slew of exciting events, from gardening to grow fresh and organic produce for local food shelters, outings to the plethora of local pancake houses, volunteering with Housing Partnerships, curating a silent auction, to hosting international development experts. See the service page for more information.