Starting in 2013, IRContinues is the newest branch of the club. Focusing on alumni relations, this portion of the club operates via the IRContinues chair and cabinet. The cabinet publishes a semesterly newsletter and hosts multiple events throughout the year. For more information and to register for our email list, please visit our website at — questions can also be directed to alumni@wmirc.orgIf you are interested in becoming involved with IRContinues, please apply to either our Alumni Committee (Alumni) or the IRContinues Cabinet (Current Students).2014 – 2015

Chair: Katie Conely

2013 – 2014

Chair: Natalie Roberts
Cabinet: Katie Conely, Hannah Petrie, Brad Baeuchler, Racehl Merriman-Goldring, Emma Lowther, Christina Dou


The IRC can be found on FacebookLinkedIn, Twitter, and newsletters are sent out twice yearly on the Alumni Listserv. Sign up here: