Exec Board

Meet Your 2014-2015 Executive Board

President: Matt Rigsby
VP Campus: Brigid Skorup
Lucas LeBlanc
Director of Finance:
Serena Saffarini
Director of Communications:
Greg Collier
WMHSMUN XXVIII Secretary-General
: Clayton Southerly
WMIDMUN XIII Secretary-General:
Carl Cilke
&MUN III Secretary-General: Alexcia Chambers
Service Committee Chair: Meghan Foley



Past Boards

2013-2014 Executive Board

President: Jeff Rohde
VP Campus: Iman Shakeri
Connor Smith
Director of Finance:
Neal Chhabra
Director of Communications:
Emily Walker
WMHSMUN XXVII Secretary-General
: Serena Saffarini
WMIDMUN XII Secretary-General:
Alison Roberts
&MUN II Secretary-General: Rachel Fybel
Service Committee Chair: Taylor Renard

2012-2013 Executive Board

President: Jeff Rohde
VP Campus: Scott Shapses
Zann Isacson
Director of Finance:
Neal Chhabra
Director of Communications:
Matt Hartill
WMHSMUN XXVI Secretary-General
: Katie Mitchell
WMIDMUN XI Secretary-General:
Jessie Ede
&MUN I Secretary-General: Connor Smith
Service Committee Chair: Karthik Ilakkuvan

 2011-2012 Executive Board

President: John F. Kirn III
VP Campus: Melanie Levine
Anushree Banerjee
Director of Finance:
Laura Faulkner
Director of Communications:
Scott Shapses
WMHSMUN XXV Secretary-General: William Shimer
WMIDMUN X Secretary-General:
Kris Kusnerik
Service Committee Chair: Lisa Sthreshley


2010-2011 Executive Board

President: Kedar Pavgi
VPCampus: Byron Smith
VPMUN: Sam Schrcek
DoF: Amanda Dronzek
DoC: Karthik Ilakkuvan
WMHSMUN:Nakul Kadaba
WMIDMUN: Matt Schofield
Service: Zachary Raymond




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